Five AI-assisted solutions to help local businesses thrive in a global market

Empower your local business to flourish in the competitive marketplace with Business App Pro, a suite of AI-infused tools designed to streamline operations while enhancing customer experience. From the initial stages of prospecting to the final steps of payment processing, this comprehensive solution covers every aspect of your business journey. Business App Pro simplifies complex processes, allowing you to focus on growth and customer engagement without compromising on efficiency or quality of service. With these advanced tools at your disposal, your business is well-equipped to meet the challenges of today's market and seize opportunities for success.

Create campaigns at scale without sacrificing the personal touch

Equip your company with Campaigns Pro, the ultimate marketing automation software tailored for local businesses. This intuitive tool empowers your business to create customized marketing campaigns with ease, using our user-friendly campaign builder and a selection of ready-made templates. With the assistance of AI, effortlessly craft the ideal combination of text and imagery to resonate with your audience. Plus, seamlessly integrate subsequent emails into your multi-step campaigns with just a few clicks, ensuring a cohesive and impactful marketing strategy.  Learn  more

Capture and convert more leads, faster

Help your business acquire new customers by ensuring web leads are responded to promptly and their contact information is collected with Inbox Pro’s AI-assisted web chat lead capture. When visitors arrive at your website, they’ll be greeted right away, and their contact information will be collected and sent to Inbox, ready for the sales team to follow up. Leads delivered to Inbox by the AI-powered web chat widget will join enquirers and messages from Google Business Messages and SMS, centralizing all customer communication in one place. Learn more

Expand reach and top local search rankings

Boost your business's online visibility with Local SEO Pro, the ultimate tool for crafting compelling business profiles effortlessly. Utilize AI-generated content suggestions to quickly create standout profiles, eliminating the guesswork from keyword selection. Our advanced AI technology suggests highly effective keywords, ensuring your clients make a significant impact in local search results.

Tracking and managing these keywords is a breeze with Local SEO Pro's local grid view. This feature provides a clear, comprehensive overview of your keyword performance, allowing you to make informed adjustments to your SEO and advertising strategies. By understanding and leveraging this data, you can explore new local markets, attract more customers, and ultimately drive increased foot traffic to your business. Local SEO Pro is your partner in navigating the digital landscape and achieving greater local business success.  Learn more

Build revenue-boosting reputations

Enhance your review management strategy with Reputation Management Premium, powered by AI technology. Effortlessly request and respond to reviews on a large scale, building a robust collection of high-quality testimonials. Utilize email and SMS to reach out for feedback, and employ AI-generated content to craft the ideal request messages. This smart technology also enables automated responses, ensuring each review is addressed with tailored messaging. By leveraging AI for review management, you can handle a high volume of reviews efficiently, maintaining high engagement without adding to your team's workload. This approach not only streamlines your processes but also significantly contributes to building and maintaining a strong, positive online reputation.  Learn more

Craft engaging social campaigns in a few clicks

Elevate your clients' social media presence with Social Marketing Pro, a tool designed to maximize engagement and reach with minimal effort. With just a single prompt, our AI technology suggests unique content and imagery, creating captivating social media posts tailored to your clients' brand. This feature allows you to schedule posts across various channels and locations simultaneously, ensuring a widespread impact while saving time and effort. Social Marketing Pro streamlines the process of social media management, helping your clients' businesses become the talk of the town and encouraging meaningful interactions with their audience. Learn more

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Solution for Local Businesses

Business App Pro supports every aspect of local business growth, providing a profitable path to success. From daily operations to online presence, integrations with industry-leading channels bring efficiency and consistency to your local business.

Campaigns Pro

Create captivating, customized email campaigns in minutes with Campaigns Pro.  learn more

Inbox Pro

Increase lead capture and conversion by centralizing communication in Inbox Pro.  learn more

Local SEO Pro

Optimize business profiles and boost keyword rankings to get found faster with Local SEO Pro.  learn more

Reputation Management Premium

Collect more reviews to build an ironclad reputation with Reputation Management Premium.  learn more

Social Marketing Pro

Curate an engaging online presence with unlimited social posting from Social Marketing Pro.  learn more

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there additional costs associated with using AI?

AI in Get Local's platform is included in the product subscription costs, and there are no variable usage fees (unlike some other solutions, who charge for every token generated,  AI for web chat, review responding, social content creation, email creation, etc. all do not have usage-based billing.