Connect, post and report across all of your social networks. 

Powerful AI tools to turbocharge your social media presence

Post once, publish to many

Optimize your social media strategy with our comprehensive management software and post scheduler. This user-friendly solution empowers your business to efficiently plan, schedule, and publish content across multiple platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), and Google My Business. Manage your entire social media presence from one central hub, simplifying the process of maintaining a consistent and engaging online presence across various channels.

Grow your audience and build fans

With ready-to-post content, post scheduling, and in-depth social media management software analytics, you’ll have all the tools you need to help your business start sharing engaging content and building a loyal online audience.

Let AI respond to customers with one tool

Enable your business to provide excellent customer service; customer communication has never been easier. You can use AI to manage all comments left on posts and any mentions. With our intuitive dashboard never miss responding to a customer again!

Drive ecommerce through Instagram with link in bio transforms your business's Instagram posts into a shoppable gallery of images, turning social fans into paying customers.

Multi-Location Social Media Management Software

With Get Local's multi-location app, post to multiple social pages at once, and personalize content for each spot. Track your brand’s social metrics, all in one app. No more manual hassle!

All-in-one composer and scheduler

Effectively manage and schedule posts through the easy-to-use composer. Post the same content to multiple networks or customize by account, and create robust social media content calendars.

Stream of industry-related content

Easily pull in your favorite and new RSS feeds to discover great content for your social media posts

Stock images and GIFs at your fingertips

Make your posts pop with access to thousands of high-quality stock images through our integration with PixaBay. Intuitive search makes it easy to find the perfect image to complement your posts.

Detailed social media analytics and post performance

Measure the social media metrics that you care about with rich engagement statistics. Maintain complete oversight of all networks from a single social media management software platform.

Built-in link tracking

Enable your business to efficiently monitor and track the links in your posts. See how many link visits originate from the different social networks or from “dark social”.

The Ultimate Social Media Management Software for Local Experts

Discover more key Get Local - Social Marketing features that let you craft top-notch content, boost your online sales, and expand your social following.

Grammarly spellcheck

Link your Grammarly account to ensure your captions are polished and error-free, complete with advanced spelling, grammar, and tone recommendations.

Hashtag suggestions

Increase your reach and enhance your viral potential with a smart hashtag generator that suggests previously used hashtags tailored to your business.

Bulk post scheduling

Efficiently schedule hundreds of posts in one go using our bulk social media scheduler. Maximize your time by crafting posts ahead of time and setting them to go live at optimal moments.

Easy collaboration

Maintain brand consistency by streamlining team interactions through a collaborative workflow, effectively reducing back-and-forth communication.

Streamlined approvals

Minimize risks and guarantee post readiness with a straightforward approval system, allowing your team to easily review and approve content.

Manage productivity

See how productive your social media fulfillment team is at a bird’s eye view with in-depth reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which social profiles can you connect and post to with Social Marketing?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Business Profile (Google Posts), and LinkedIn. From one place, business owners can publish content to multiple social sites with the push of a button, utilize in-line conversations so the context of interactions isn't lost and schedule a calendar of posts.

How many accounts can you connect to Social Marketing?

Social Marketing users can manage multiple accounts for most social networks, with the exception of Instagram and Google Business Profile.

Social Marketing Standard:

Social Marketing Pro:

What are the top features of Social Marketing?

How can Social Marketing help generate leads?

Use our Twitter lead generation tool to find customers talking about your clients' services, in their area. Set up lead searches for keywords related to your clients business, then sit back and watch the leads roll in.

Can performance be tracked across profiles?

Yes! Show your clients growth across channels from one dashboard, monitor changes in Facebook and Twitter reach and see the growth in fans and followers from social campaigns.

What specific data is tracked in Post Performance?

Social Marketing tracks post performance data on all posts made through the app and in some instances, posts made outside of the product.

Social Marketing will pull in historical data and post performance for posts made organically through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (from the moment it became a business profile) or another social media publisher.

How do you track links in your posts?

Link Performance allows you to monitor and track the links in your posts. See how many link visits originate from the different social networks or from Dark Social.

Dark Social refers to the visits that can't be tracked due to their origin; Dark Social includes links shared through email, messenger, or text messages.

Use the link shortener in the composer to track your first link.

Can you customize posts per channel?

You can create a post and customize it per social channel by clicking on the "Customize by account" button in the top right of the composer. After customizing, it only takes one click to schedule or publish all of these posts to the different channels.

How do you see and respond to customer posts?

Access the posts your customers are commenting on through My Posts > Customer Posts. Filter the posts by network and status so you can easily which posts have not been responded to and easily respond to comments without ever having to leave the app.

Can you create reports for upcoming content?

Reports are an easy way to send content for client approval or review the posts that you have created. Go to My Posts > Calendar and click on the “Create Report” button on the upper right corner. You can filter the report to show only scheduled posts, only drafts with a scheduled date, or both. Select a date range and click Create Report. A unique link to your report will be generated. This link allows you to easily review posts, share with individuals that don't have access to Social Marketing, or send to your clients for approval.

How long can your posts be?

While not all social networks are designed with strict character limits like Twitter, it's important for posts to be of a readable length.

When posting to multiple networks, the Social Marketing Composer will limit your post according to the network with the lowest limit. The character count of your post is tracked above the Content box in the Compose

Facebook - up to 63,206 characters

Twitter - up to 280 characters

LinkedIn - up to 700 characters

Instagram - up to 2,200 characters

Google Business Profile - up to 1,500 characters

Can you post to multiple locations at once?

Through the Multi-Location Business App, you can post to multiple Facebook pages in one go. Maintain brand consistency while keeping each individual location local through dynamic content and easy customization. Get a high-level overview of your overall brand, or drill down to analyze how each location is performing---all from one app.

Make sure you have Multi-location Business App set up and that each location has Social Marketing Standard or Pro.