Follow The Customer Journey To SUCCESS!!!!

The way consumers shop for goods has transformed with the introduction of ecommerce and online reviews. Consider the last time you made a purchase. Where did you make this purchase? If it wasn’t online, you were likely influenced by reviews or listings found online. The customer journey has changed and every business owner needs to understand the implications of this transformation.

Awareness: Do people know about your business?

Facebook and Google My Business are often the first touch-point a customer has with your business: over 50% of customers say they use social media to research and discover new products. Easily engage with your current customers and make connections with new followers by frequent social posting.

Findability: Do customers find your business where they are searching?

When 88% of consumers who do a local search visit or call a business within a day, you need to be found and accurate across high-traffic sources. 46% of all searches are for local information. Having accurate and up-to-date contact info, hours of operation, and more online ensures that customers find your business first.

Reputation: Do consumers trust your business?

A positive online reputation is often what makes a consumer choose one business over another. In fact, 95% of consumers use online reviews to make purchase decisions. Monitor and respond to your reviews to rank above the competition and drive more business to your door.

Conversion: Can people easily contact you or buy online?

When mobile visitors search for your business, they’re usually looking for key information: location, store hours, phone numbers and product information. Your website needs that information, and should be easy to find and navigate.

Advocacy: Do your customers recommend you to others?

95% of people read reviews before making a purchase decision. Improve the online reviews your potential customers read by asking for reviews from your happy customers. They'll boost your star rating and drive more sales!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a customer journey mean for my local business?

The customer journey is the entire experience your customers go through with your business, from the moment they first learn about your services to the point where they make a purchase. This journey includes every interaction they have with your business, such as visiting your website, receiving emails, making phone calls, or having face-to-face interactions.

Can you explain the stages of the customer journey for my local business?

The customer journey for a local business generally involves four key stages:

How can I use the customer journey to create effective marketing campaigns for my business?

Understanding the customer journey allows you to tailor your marketing efforts to each stage. For example:

What improvements can I make in the customer experience to benefit my local business?

Key areas to focus on include:

Remember, every touchpoint with a customer is an opportunity to enhance their experience and strengthen their relationship with your local business.