Create captivating, customized campaigns in minutes using AI

With Campaigns Pro you can reactivate cold leads, engage new ones, and boost sales with this easy to use email and SMS marketing automation software.

Email targeted audiences with ease

Revitalize dormant leads, captivate new prospects, and amplify sales with customized email campaigns using Campaigns Pro. Seamlessly integrated with the Business App CRM, this tool simplifies the segmentation of campaign recipients based on location, industry, or other specific criteria. Tailor your outreach for maximum relevance and impact, making targeted communication effortless and more effective in driving sales and engagement.

Run personalized campaigns at scale

Achieve your marketing goals, whether it's welcoming new customers, offering enticing promotions, or generating excitement for upcoming events, with the AI-powered email builder in Campaign Pro. This innovative tool generates customized text and imagery tailored to any occasion or audience from just a single prompt. It simplifies the creation of impactful and relevant email content, ensuring your messages resonate with their intended recipients and effectively support your marketing objectives.

Get more eyes on campaigns with SMS

Expand your customer outreach and engagement by incorporating SMS marketing into your strategy, connecting with both new and established customers. With an impressive average open rate of 98%, SMS campaigns offer a highly effective channel to welcome newcomers, announce promotions, or create buzz for new products and upcoming events. Prepare to harness this powerful tool in your marketing arsenal, launching in December 2023!

Optimize for opens, clicks and conversions

Enhance your campaign effectiveness and gain crucial insights for informed sales and marketing decisions using our comprehensive analytics suite. Each campaign you run comes with detailed analytics, providing you with the data needed to measure performance, understand customer behavior, and refine your strategies. This valuable tool empowers you to make data-driven decisions, optimizing your campaigns for maximum impact and success.

Report on ROI

Demonstrate the tangible results of your clients' marketing campaigns with Campaign Pro's extensive suite of analytics. This powerful tool offers detailed insights for each campaign, providing clear evidence of the effectiveness and value of their investment in your services. With this data-driven approach, you can confidently showcase the impact of your marketing strategies, leaving no doubt about the return on investment your clients are achieving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Campaigns Pro for?

Campaigns Pro is marketing automation software for local businesses, integrated right into Business App.

Can contacts from Business App's Contacts page be added to campaigns?

Yes! To add recipients in bulk to an existing campaign, filter the Contacts page by the desired criteria and press "Add to Campaign."

Can I generate SMS messages with AI?

Soon! AI content generation is currently available for email campaigns and will become available for SMS campaigns early in 2024.