The ultimate, all-in-one Inbox Messaging Hub 

Inbox Pro increases lead capture and conversion by centralizing communication from multiple sources into a team inbox, helping businesses make a great first impression and close new leads faster.

The ultimate communication hub for local businesses. 

Capture and convert more leads in less time

Efficiently manage, respond to, and convert new business opportunities with our centralized system for all inbound leads. With this streamlined approach, you can promptly address incoming messages via SMS, Google Search, and Maps directly from the Inbox feature in our Business App. This integration ensures you never miss a potential client and enhances your ability to engage and convert leads quickly and effectively.

Increase ROI on lead generation expenditures

Boost your lead acquisition confidently by investing in SEO and strategic ad campaigns. With Inbox Pro's AI-powered web chat, you can capture leads effectively, ensuring prompt responses and gathering essential contact details. This tool is designed to streamline the process of engaging with potential customers, facilitating the growth of your customer base and enhancing your business's outreach efforts.

Improve the customer experience through teamwork

Enhance team collaboration in customer acquisition, sales, and support with a shared inbox. This unified communication platform allows your entire team to work together seamlessly, ensuring top-notch customer interactions. By centralizing communication, every team member can contribute to and stay informed about customer engagements, fostering a cohesive approach to achieving excellence in customer communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the AI-assisted web chat lead capture work?

When you're hard at work, it can be difficult to reply to leads instantly when they reach out, leaving your business vulnerable to losing leads to competitors that respond faster. Inbox Pro's AI-assisted web chat will reply for you, with simple conversational behaviour designed to get a name and mobile phone number, capturing the lead for your team to follow up with later. Inbox Pro’s AI-assisted web chat widget can be installed on a website, to engage with and capture lead contact info from visitors to the site. Soon, the AI-powered web chat will be intelligent enough to answer basic questions about the business in question, such as their location, operating hours and offerings based on their business profile.

What websites are supported to install the web chat widget? 

You can install the web chat widget on any website where you can embed code in the element. Supports Website Pro, WordPress, Shopify, Wix, and more.

Will other channels be integrated?

Currently Inbox Pro brings together customer messaging from your website, Google Profile, Facebook page, Email, and SMS. Instagram integration is coming soon!

Is there an extra charge for AI-assisted web chat?

No extra charge - the AI-assisted web chat lead capture is fully included with Inbox Pro.

If we install the Inbox Pro chat on a client's website, will it be only the AI agent answering customers, or will real agents talk to customers?

The web chat is 100% AI-managed lead capture. Small businesses are busy, and can't always reply instantly – that's why the AI assistant will get a website visitor's name and number, and then notify the business they have a new lead – the business can reply via SMS as soon as possible, and move the conversation off the website and onto the customer's phone.

How much does the chatbot know about the business? Can it answer questions?

The AI assistant can access "knowledge" from the business profile, so it can answer basic questions about services, location and contact info, and hours. You can also add additional text Q&A 'knowledge' to the AI assistant so it can answer frequently asked questions from information not available in the business profile. Soon, the AI assistant will be able to gather business information from the website on which it is installed to inform its responses.