One click, instant results across your local business listings

Instantly enhance the accuracy of local business listings, protect from 3rd-party changes, and suppress duplicate listings.

Immediately update local business listings across high-traffic sources

Instantly push out your business information to the top listing sites on the internet. With Listing Builder, Listing Distribution, and Listing Sync Pro, you can be accurate everywhere.

Listing Sync Pro

Listing Sync Pro gives you a dashboard to control how your business appears across the internet. You can instantly create and update listings across an established network of sites. Better yet, it keeps information protected from third-party changes— putting you in control of your online brand.

Push your data to over 40 listing sites

Get your business found on an established network of search engines, social networks, business directories and navigation systems by creating and fixing listings all within the platform. See a list of missing or inaccurate business listings, providing proof-of-performance.

What business information does Listing Sync Pro update?

Company name, address, phone number, website, payment methods, services, hours of operation, brands, holiday hours, and your media library (photos).

How long will it take my listings to update?

Your listings will be updated almost instantaneously and will reflect in 15 minutes to an hour!

How many listing sites are synced with my data?

There are over 40 listing sites synced with Listing Sync Pro!

Qualify listings with reliable information

See a list of missing or inaccurate business listings and automatically re-establish accurate information, giving you proof of performance.

Instant listing updates

With Listing Sync Pro, you can instantaneously update all of your business information from a single dashboard. That way, consumers will always find the most up-to-date information.

Manage duplicate listings

Competitors and other third parties can manipulate your client’s business listings without warning. Listing Sync Pro gives your clients peace of mind by automatically re-establishing the accurate data if anything changes.