Campaigns Pro Overview

Campaigns Pro is the ultimate marketing automation software designed specifically for local businesses. With Campaigns Pro, creating powerful email and SMS campaigns has never been easier. Fully integrated with Get Local's Business App Pro, Campaigns Pro allows you to effortlessly build customized campaigns using our user-friendly builder and ready-made templates. Engage new customers, boost sales, and build anticipation with Campaigns Pro!

How to Use Campaigns Pro

Step 1 - Navigate to Business App > Campaigns > Overview > Create Campaign. Give your campaign a name, and select 'Create.' 

Step 2 - Configure your campaign as desired. Choose a time zone, and which days emails will be sent on. 

Step 3 - Click 'Add Step' and create your own email, add an email from an existing template, or add SMS. 

Step 4 - Create your email. Try using AI to generate email content! 

Step 5 - When you're ready, hit 'Publish' to start your campaign.

When you are ready to send your campaign, you can navigate to the Contacts tab to start sending! You can even add filters, and send the campaign to contacts matching your desired filters.